78 mobilehome for sale at super prizes !

                                HERE CAN CHOOSE ANYBODY !!!

Our site is always up to date, mobilheims, which you see are available for sale.

TRANSPORT OF MOBILHEIM IS IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC FREE - WITHOUT ANY OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS. Transport across the EU secured. Purchased mobilheim you can store for free. The prices are inclusive of VAT.

Stock Mackovice  (between Brno and Znojmo) - OPEN EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY 10-15 HOURS !  

At this time, 78 beautiful - clean mobilehome can be viewed and purchased.

  • The newly introduced mobilehome are a week marked by our mascot Bernard Bohoušek.

Mobilheimy.eu - označení IZO - labeled mobilheims have double (insulating) glasses - suitable for year-round use 

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